December 21, 2018

dFence GPS App – Available for iOS and Android

Protect Your Ride

Decades-old radio-based recovery technology is asleep until you wake it up; it can’t tell you when your vehicle has been taken; you have to discover the theft on your own. It could be missing for hours or days.

Protect Your Stuff Inside

Thefts from vehicles outnumber thefts from buildings and shoplifting combined! Only dFence Glass emits a piercing sound the instant your vehicle’s window is broken. This will scare off most thieves before they take anything.

Get the App

Only dFence GPS technology is always watching over your vehicle by surrounding it with a GPS-based “geo-fence.” It sends you a text or email alert the instant your vehicle is moved. You can then alert the police, who can track your vehicle’s location online and recover it in minutes.

You’ll also get an immediate text or email alert so you can run to your vehicle if you’re nearby, or call the police so they can pursue the vandal.